activities and projects:

Animante: Activities and projects

ANIMANTE is dedicated to how computer animation can optimally benefit from new technologies.

Established in 1998 as a spin-off of the Belgian ANDROME N.V., ANIMANTE joins the forefront of emerging technologies. Mobile phones & communication platforms, applications for PDA devices, virtual communities, interative 3D worlds, integrating 3D & 2D systems, Highly Stilized Rendering, 2.5D animation techniques, ... are some examples of the areas covered.

Our ample experience in animation and software development makes us a preferred partner to provide specific computer animation solutions. Whatever you or your business need, tools or content, we can create it for you.


Animante: Synergy To understand the spirit of ANIMANTE we need to remember when several computer graphics artists joined ANDROME N.V. for helping in the evaluation of animation software, in those moments in development. The result of that colaboration between artists and engineers was so satisfactory that it was decided to be extended to other development projects, with very pleasing results. Eventually, ANIMANTE became a synergic environment where the software developers are taking advantage of the point of view and the contstant help of the animators, while the artists have the privilege of using innovative and original tools to produce hard to imagine creations.


ANIMANTE is part of the ANDROME Group, a European group of dynamic ICT companies in Belgium and Spain. The group is formed by ANDROME NV, ANDROME Ibérica, Zeus Software Engineering and Quinta Essentia Software Development (QuESD). The whole group has a strong connection with The Expertise Center for Digital Media (EDM), the research center of Hasselt University in Belgium. EDM has been active in Information and Communication Technolgy (ICT) since 1987.